Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Washington Missouri Wal~Mart Meet & Greet

Today, I finally made it to one of my favorite Wal~Mart's, THE WASHINGTON MISSOURI WAL~MART! It was fun to see Rachel and Amanda again. We plan on having some kind of fundraiser this summer for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I always enjoy going to see them.

But today was very different. I am so use to that Wal~Mart being SUPER busy all hours of the day. Today it wasn't. The weather man has predicted tornadoes for our area until late tonight. After the devastating loss in Joplin, MO, I think everyone is finding a safe place to be. So while I was out having fun with my Washington Wal~Mart, I am also reminded of my duties as being Champion for the State of Missouri.

Freeman Health System is a Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. It is the only full functioning hospital in Joplin at the moment (according to what little news we get). The citizens of Joplin are enduring great loss and devastation. So please, please make a donation to Freeman Health Systems through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Right now their Wal~Mart Campaign would be taking place, but their Wal~Mart is completely gone. I can't even begin to imagine an entire Wal~Mart there one day and the next day POOF it is gone.

Please pray with me for all those effected by the tornadoes and for the tornadoes to subside. Also, please make a donation with me to Freeman Health System a Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

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